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Yard sale signs designed to look like a pop-up boutique [2015]

Colorful, modern poster design
Open Enrollment 11x17 Poster
Colorful, modern postcard design
Open Enrollment Save the Date postcard
Page layout for employee benefits guide

Wellness poster series

Corporate Training/ Mentorship Program brochure
Digital Watercolor
Spirit Bear, Deer, and Fox Digital Watercolor [2013]
Digital Watercolor
Digital Watercolor
Old brochure and default text logo
Newly designed brochure to match website

Various flyers

The old hospice site needed a refresh. I chose colors and imagery that spoke to the spiritual and sensitive nature of hospice, unlike the hero image used in the previous design. The agency chosen to design the old site led the company to believe they could only design marketing materials within the scope of the Comfort Care purple. I worked diligently to prove to them that your logo can sit outside its 4-color system and still reflect your brand.