Pretty things vol. 8

Things I could see myself wearing in 2021/when I re-enter society after a self-imposed 6 month isolation. That’s 6 months of no dating and rare human interaction (save the grocery store clerk and maybe visiting a girl friend once a month).  The continued rise in COVID cases in my state is largely to blame for this but also I didn’t like how I was behaving in the dating world and realized I needed to stand on my own, abstain for a while, and figure out what it is I really want.

It is in this 6 months (ending in April) that I hope to glean some sort of new knowledge about myself as well as have honed some diy skill. It’s been 2 months so far. I last went out socially for Halloween. My last date was late September. I’ve deleted my personal Instagram. I have no social media.  I’ve experienced a 180 from the fear of being alone I felt at the onset of COVID last March (deleted post).  

What did the Time of Corona teach you? I learned a lot about myself and the type of person I was and who I want to be. What wasn’t working for me, relationships and personal toxic self-destructive behaviors. What I need to feel safe, heard, loved, confident, and happy. 

One that that remains unchanged is my love of clogs and a puffy sleeve.

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