2020 Holiday Gift Guide

As I string up a tacky shiny strand of green Dollar Tree garland (in the month of November!) in the hopes of some semblance of holiday cheer amidst the death and disappointment this year has shown us, I struggle to come up with a gift list. With COVID, racial inequality/equity riots, the Election, forest fires and hurricanes, the constant daily stress of 2020 has taken its toll on many of us. Holiday cheer pre-Thanksgiving makes a lot of sense right now. Just give us something we can hold on to! A bit of love. A bit of sparkle!

I spent most of the summer accumulating junk that filled the lonely void in my lockdown heart so creating this list was a challenge. What do I want? What do people want? Heck if I know. Here’s some pretty/fun stuff if you didn’t get your fill of packages April-whenever.

Happy Holidays!  For more ideas, see last year’s guide.

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