Pretty things vol. 4

Things that have been on my mind lately/ I’ve been hunting for: shell art, female torsos, travertine tables, parsons chairs, plaster, rams (Aries) or 70s Persian cats, pottery, Art Deco style, geometric shapes, 70s-80s decor. 

Philine van der Vegte

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  1. Hi!
    Just came across your blog while I was looking up 80’s lamps (I’m not one of your readers, no offense, just have two kids, hubs, dog, 20 extra pounds to lose and zero time). Anyway, there is a white plaster lamp with a swirl pattern in a September (I think?) 2019 post and I was wondering where you found this image. I just found this same lamp at a thrift store and am trying to find out more info about it. Also, in the same post, you’ve got an amber colored glass carafe that I found at above referenced thrift store (it’s an amazing thrift store and I’ll never tell anyone where it is located because I’m selfish like that), but am looking for info on that too. If you could throw me a bone here I’d really appreciate it. I’d love to spend hours digging through incredible archived photographs of the 20th century but alas just do not have the time. Thanks so much and after skimming through your blog looking for the info I am after, it seems to me that you have a man problem. If I may offer some unsolicited advice, don’t waste your time. But if you insist on catching one of these hairy selfish creatures, go after one of the older ones. They are more easily separated from the herd and are slower and easier to catch. Plus, most of them have begun the castration process so their eyes wander less frequently, they appreciate the effort it takes to maintain them and they have much more respect for women of a certain caliber with impressive tastes. Just a thought. Us ladies need to help each other out. Best of luck and am looking forward to your speedy reply.

    • Hi Beth,

      Those images are from It’s a great resource for vintage. The plaster lamps are perhaps in the style of Michael Taylor, unless you’ve found an original.


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